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We had the pleasure of replacing Chris Packham's front entrance gates! It was well publicised that his original gates were damaged by vandals setting alight a vehicle right outside the property.
Whether you’re about to embark on a project to install boundary fencing for a school, park, hospital, high security location, or simply your back garden, one of the first things you’ll be considering is cost of materials, aesthetics, and longevity.
As a company, we take pride in building relationships with all of our customers, so that we can make sure that your product truly is fit for purpose. So whether the fabrications you require are for your home or other residential property, or they’re for a larger scale commercial site, our manufacturing and quality assurance process is just as high. Here’s how we make sure that your products look great, and last a lifetime…
In this guide, we describe best practice specifications for fencing and gates. Whether your require specialist advise on high security, fencing for sports courts and fields, playgrounds or outside learning areas, the New Forest Fencing Group have the long-standing expertise to advise you and carry out a free audit of your site.
Good fences make good neighbours – or so they say. With a good fence between you and your neighbours, we can relax and enjoy the sanctuary of our home gardens away from distractions. But we all know too well that things can go wrong when our fence or wall becomes in need of repair or replacement.
As autumn and winter draw in your garden might not be the focal point of your home for the next few months, but now is the perfect time to carry out the maintenance required to make sure you’re prepared for winter and your home and garden are secure.

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