In 2010 due to increase demand especially for our prestigious Closeboard panels, we recognised the need for expansion and built a second purpose made Panel making workshop.

Our original workshop is solely dedicated to the production of Trellis and all non standard panels, along with Closeboard panels and has three full time operatives producing them.

Closeboard Panels: Our Closeboard panels, developed by us are of exceptional quality and very popular, they are made using our own unique manufacturing process.

They are made completely from pressure treated softwood with carefully selected feather edge boards. Unlike cheaper alternatives from other manufacturers who tend to use staples, our panels are made from heavy duty battens which are screwed together, and the boards clad with stainless steel nails to avoid the corrosion which can occurwith  pressure treated timber. Despite the use of heavy battens, these panels still comfortably fit into a concrete slotted post, and from the outside look just like a purpose built Closeboard fence.

Trellis: We also manufacture a wide variety of trellis panels to almost any size and specification, along with our own extensive range listed on page 3 of our brochure. With Trellis, often a fencer will erect a run of fencing to a garden which requires a decorative trellis above it. This might mean he needs a number of Trellis panels all different lengths to fit between the unequal posts.

We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture exactly what the customer needs and usually very quickly, depending on the work load at the time. Our ability to make made to measure panels, which cannot be bought “off the shelf,” has given us a steady and reliable customer base, who give us repeated business.

We try to keep in stock at all times an extensive and wide variety of Trellis, Palisade  and Closeboard panels in standard sizes, but due to demand, it may be necessary to place your order for a particular panel, so we recommend you give us a call first.

Palisade Panels: We manufacture three styles of Palisade panels to three standard heights and to an imperial 6’ width. We can also make them in other non standard sizes at a square meter rate as listed on page 3 of our brochure. All our palisade panels are made from Pressure treated natural green softwood and fixed with stainless steel nails, which does not react with the preservative.

Waney Panels: The building of our second Panel workshop in 2010 has provided us with the facility to keep the manufacture of our “Waney” panels as a completely separate process to our other panels. The Waney is the traditional fence panel, treated with a Golden brown preservative, which the public probably think of when asking for a fence panel. This is a product we have been making on our site ever since we have been here.

Over the years we have developed and improved our Waney panel, and it is now recognised as a far superior product to what is generally available from other retail outlets. The slats we use are top quality British slats, which are always given a good overlap for added strength. Our panels use Galvanised ring shanked nails instead of rusting staples and have more and larger battens than the cheaper alternatives.

We manufacture these panels with a modern efficient, computer controlled automation system which enables us to produce large quantities to a very high standard. Generally we hold extensive stocks of Waney panels in the standard imperial 6’ widths (1830mm) in heights of 3’ (915mm) high, 4’ (1220mm) , 5’(1525mm) & 6’(1830mm).