Cantilever Sliding Gate (Single Or Double Leaf)


A Cantilever sliding gate offers a practical solution which can be scaled up for additional security requirements through automation, different infils, and additional security tops if required.

At a more standard level, these gates are ideal for retail parks, industrial sites and other relatively low-level security locations.

With a heavy duty aluminium frame and your choice of infil, Cantilever gates don’t require a track to run along the opening as they are counterbalanced and supported by rollers fitted within a tubular track to the bottom of the gate. The track is totally enclosed, to prevent damage from vandals.

These gates are offered as single or double leaf, with automation or manual options’

For entry control with enhanced security, pair automated Cantilever gates with SRI 358 Security Mesh Panel with additional security tops for compliance with LPS 1175 SR1.

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