Our Rhinefield gates will add increased ‘wow factor’ to your home. Available in a range of woods, finishes, and colours, the Rhinefields have the flexibility to give you a traditional entrace, or a more modern look and feel.

Made by hand with perfectly formed curves across the top, these gates are constructed using superior section sizes and are ideal for both security and privacy.

These gates can be made from made in a premium softwood or a Sapele Hardwood for increased durability, strength and density.

At New Forest Fencing, we love it when our customers are inspired by new or unusual looks, so if you want to customise our designs in any way – for example by adding engravements, or contrasting with powder coated steel, we’re more than happy to help you relaise the look you’re after.

All of our gates can be complimented with automation and intercom, please enquire for more information.

The Rhinefield is an attractive pair of matchboard gates similar to the with a swan-neck curve. They are made from 95mm x 45mm P.A.R. timber, constructed from mortice & tenon framework and clad with 80mm x 16mm T.G.V boards. On Gates with a width of 1.2m each leaf and over, we increase the size of the framework to 95mm x 65mm at no extra cost.

Please note: When ordering these gates, we need to know the height from the bottom of the gate to the top of the stile at the hanging side as well as the difference in height between the outside hanging and the inside shutting stiles. We recommend that on a pair of gates between 2.4m > 3.6m wide, and an approximate height of 1.8m, the height difference for the curve from outside to inside should raise between 100mm > 150mm at the most, and will look aesthetically pleasing in proportion.

These gates should not be pressure treated, as they are made from Kiln dried Timber, which is stored dry and assembled in a dry workshop. It is important to realise that when this timber comes in contact with the elements, rain etc. it will take on the moisture and swell. This will be noticeable especially on the Tongue and groove boarding, which may distort the framework and try to force the gate apart at the joints.

For softwood gates, we recommend an oil-based treatment, available in Pale green, Golden or Dark Brown at a square meter price, see our catalogue for current prices. We strongly advise the customer to provide at least a further two coats of stain, and to recoat it throughout the life of the product.

For Hardwood “Sapele” gates we strongly recommend a coat of Ronseal woodstain which is applied to all surfaces during the manufacturing process, see our catalogue for current prices. We can apply this in “Antique pine” which brings out the natural Sapele colour or “Teak” which will make a very dark colour. We strongly advise the customer to provide at least a further two coats of stain, and to recoat it throughout the life of the product.

Front View

Rear View

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