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The Fritham is our standard diamond braced field gate constructed from fine sawn timber. The hanging stile is 120mm x 75mm and the shutting stile is 75mm x 75mm with a top rail which tapers from 120mm > 75mm at the shutting side. The horizontal rails are morticed into the stiles and the braces fixed with stainless steel nuts and bolts.

The standard height of our fritham gates are 1.2m measured at the stiles, and for pricing purposes work to the nearest width in 300 mm intervals. For example a gate which is requested 2.6M long, would be charged as a 2.7M gate. These gates are made in left or right hand, which needs to be specified.

They are pressure treated green at no extra cost. Water based treatment can be requested at no extra cost, in golden to match our waney fence panels or dark brown.

These gates can be requested in P.A.R finish or in P.A.R. hardwood as the price list.

Fritham is shown in sawn softwood, pressure treated natural green.

Front View

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