Palisade / Picket Fencing

Our palisade/picket fencing is a traditional and attractive fencing classic that lays a secure boundary while also letting light through making front gardens a very popular place to install picket fencing.

We manufacture three styles of Palisade panels to three standard heights and to an imperial 6’ width. We can also make them in other non standard sizes at a square meter rate as listed on page 3 of our brochure.

Our Palisade panels are made from 75mm x 32mm rails with 75 x 19mm sawn pales on our Flat top and pointed top styles. On our round top panels we use 70mm x 19mm Par pales which are more decorative and better for painting by the customer.

All our palisade panels are made from Pressure treated natural green softwood and fixed with stainless steel nails, which does not react with the preservative.

Shown Flat Top 3’ (900mm) high x 6’ wide

Shown Pointed Top 3’ (900mm) high x 6’ wide

Shown Rounded Top 3’ (900mm) high x 6’ wide

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