Timber and Timber Sourcing

What can you be confident of? Through the vision, ambition and investment of the Wateridge family we now have an efficient, operating timber yard, producing cut to size timber, sourced from sustainable woodland.

As our name suggests we are conscious of protecting the heritage of woodland forests, without which we would have no business, so we select our suppliers on the basis that their timber is sourced from well managed forests, with minimal environmental impact.

We source 90% of our  timber from British woodland and give preference to suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to progressive improvement in environmental management. This is not necessarily an expensive alternative and we constantly monitor our prices to ensure that you, the customer, receive quality products from a good sustainable source at competitive prices.

Stocks: We are primarily a fencing contractor’s supplier. We keep in stock at all times very large quantities of pressure treated softwood timber relating to fencing, from posts in all sizes, arris rails, gravel boards, feather edge boards, palings and all the other components of a fence which you will find on pages 1&2 of our brochure.

We monitor our stocks daily to make sure that we keep sufficient quantities available. Please note that our brochure is a price list, not a stock list and it is always best to check first to avoid disappointment.