Steel Palisade

Available in various specifications, and particularly well suited to road and rail, utilities, education, retail and industrial sectors; our steel palisade fencing is a very popular and reliable fencing system.

With ‘D’ or ‘W’ profiles, and with a number of additional security features available, steel palisade is an effective visual deterrent. Meanwhile it’s spike tops and cutting-resistant solid steel vertical pales ensure protection against unauthorised access and vandalism.

Unlike a number of alternatives, our steel palisade systems cope with sloping ground of up to 25-degree angles, without cutting down bays or making modifications. Our palisade is always hot-dip galvanized to protect from the elements, rust and deterioration over time, and can also be powder coated in any RAL colour.

The most popular pale is the ‘W’ pale. Due to its reinforcing shape, the W pale is more economical, giving you the same strength as the ‘D’ profile, while using lower-gauge steel making the fencing system cheaper than the original ‘D’ profile. Having said this, the ‘D’ profile is still very popular particularly in government projects, such as prisons and schools. It’s also important if you’re repairing or extending a palisade fence that you use the same profile as the original.

Pale heads:

The triple point splayed pale head is the most effective and popular system for providing a high security fence line. Rounded and round and notched pale heads are still sharp and can be supplied on request, but bear in mind they cover less of the fence line as they are not splayed.

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